The eyes of war

An item from the Legion Magazine.

Legion Magazine
Front Lines
The eyes of war

The eyes of war

Story by Stephen J. Thorne

Canadian Paul J. Tomelin’s photograph of a young private waiting for medical aid after battle stands among the Korean War’s most compelling photographs.

A sergeant in the Canadian Army Film and Photo Unit, Tomelin was deployed to the Korean Peninsula for one year in 1951-52. He managed to wrangle another six months in-country, during which he said he got some of his best images.


War Photos

War Photos showcases stunning images and explores the original wartime photographers who accompanied the army during the First World War and how the style and equipment changed in the Second World War, the Korean War and into the age of digital images. It includes many rare photos from the men and women who went into battle with only a camera.


Military Milestones
Prisoners of Dieppe

Almost Calgary

Story by Sharon Adams

But for a cold winter and a cold heart, the city we know as Calgary could well have a different name, one that traces back three centuries to Canada’s original French settlers.

As a teenager, Éphrem-A. Brisebois, who was born in Canada East (Quebec), served with the Union Army during the Civil War in the United States and went on to serve as a volunteer soldier in the Papal Zouaves, the army defending territories of the Pope during the unification of Italy.


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