A multinational warship crew of the 16th century

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Front Lines
The intercontinental warship crew

A multinational warship crew of the 16th century

Story by Stephen J. Thorne

The crew of the Tudor warship Mary Rose was a diverse bunch, hailing from as far away as continental Europe, the Mediterranean and Africa, says new research that reinforces Britain’s long history as a society of multiple races and ethnicities.

In 2021, scientists published the results of isotope analysis of the teeth in eight of 179 crew whose remarkably well-preserved remains were recovered along with 19,000 artifacts and much of the ship, which was sunk on July 19, 1545, during the Battle of the Solent off England’s south coast.


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Military Milestones
The first peacekeepers

The first peacekeepers

Story by Sharon Adams

In mid-November 1956, 950 men of the 1st Battalion, Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada, were flown to Halifax, where HMCS Magnificent was being prepared to carry troops and materiel to Egypt for one of the first United Nations peacekeeping missions, to quell the crisis at the Suez Canal.

The troops were excited and anxious to go; on Nov. 17, there was a parade through Halifax in anticipation of the order to leave.


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