Focus on change, says Canada’s defence intelligence chief

An item from the Legion Magazine.

Legion Magazine
Front Lines
Focus on change, says Canada’s defence intelligence chief

Focus on change, says Canada’s defence intelligence chief

Story by Stephen J. Thorne

The new head of Canada’s military intelligence command says the Five Eyes security partnership is robust in spite of public rumblings over a new Indo-Pacific intelligence-sharing agreement that omits Canada and New Zealand.

Major-General Michael Wright, who earned a Medal of Military Valour (MMV) leading his infantry company out of a Taliban ambush in Afghanistan, says defence intelligence needs to focus on change and interoperability with its allies as well as national security.


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Military Milestones
“I felt it was my duty”

“I felt it was my duty”

Story by Sharon Adams

At 110 years old, Reuben Sinclair is believed to be Canada’s oldest living veteran of the Second World War.

The son of Jewish Ukrainian immigrants, Sinclair was born on his family’s farm just 100 kilometres shy of Regina in 1911. Sinclair signed up with the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1942 over objections of his brothers, taking leave from his accounting job with Saskatchewan’s treasury department.


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