‘War,’ what is it good for?

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Legion Magazine
Front Lines
'War,' what is it good for?

 ‘War,’ what is it good for?


More than 50 years ago, with revolution in the air, peace protests sweeping North America and young Americans dying in Vietnam, Motown recording artist Edwin Starr famously posed the question: “War…what is it good for?”

His answer, sung in defiance of those who would challenge him: “Absolutely nothing.”



Volume Set
Military Milestones
The Battle over the fiords of Norway

 The Battle over the fiords of Norway


In Boyndie, a town on Scotland’s northeast coast a few kilometres inland from the North Sea, stands a granite obelisk. Fourteen names are inscribed on the stone, 10 of them Canadian.

It is a memorial to the members of Banff Strike Wing who perished on Feb. 9, 1945, during the events of “Black Friday,” the date of the largest air battle over Norway and the deadliest day of the Second World War for the Royal Air Force Coastal Command.



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