The Royal Navy’s war on trees

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The Royal Navy’s war on trees

The Royal Navy’s war on trees


For almost two centuries through the American Revolution, the War of 1812, wars with France, wars with Spain and dozens of other wars, conquests and explorations, Britannia ruled the waves thanks largely to the mighty oak.

At the zenith of Horatio Nelson’s navy in the late-1700s into the 1800s, it took about 4,000 oak trees, or up to 40 hectares of forest, to build a single 100-gun ship of the line. That’s equivalent to 3,750 city blocks of optimum-density oak forest for a vessel that, on average, sailed for 12 years.



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Military Milestones
The Battle over the fiords of Norway

Robert Shankland and the Victoria Cross


Robert Shankland was a Canadian hero who served in both world wars and earned the Victoria Cross.

Shankland was born in Scotland but emigrated to Winnipeg in 1910. He boarded on Pine Street, later famous for being home to three Victoria Cross recipients, including Shankland, and renamed Valour Road in 1925.




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