The case against Vladimir Putin

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Legion Magazine
Front Lines
The case against Vladimir Putin

Photo credits: wikimedia

The case against Vladimir Putin


On Feb. 24, 2022, Russian military forces acting on orders from President Vladimir Putin launched an unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, embarking on an indiscriminate campaign of destruction, taking out schools, hospitals, apartment buildings and, as of March 21, killing more than 900 innocent civlians in less than a month.

This destruction, which has also included attacks on nuclear power plants, has drawn international condemnation and unprecedented sanctions against Russia.


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Military Milestones
Fighting at forts of the Niagara front

Photo credits: Wikimedia

The regal beaver


Our neighbours have fierce animal symbols. Nestled between the bear and the eagle, the dragon and the lion, on distant flanks, is…the beaver?

Why does a rodent symbolize Canada, in contrast to fierce beasts like the Russian bear, the American bald eagle, the Chinese dragon or the British lion? Why not the grizzly bear, the wolverine, the killer whale or the falcon?


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