Anzac Day Commemoration this Sunday, and Summer Picnic announced

An announcement from our Commonwealth colleagues about the up-coming ANZAC Day service.

Kia Ora Michael

ANZAC Memorial Service April 2022

It is with great pleasure that we are inviting you to join us at the ANZAC Memorial Service this coming Sunday, April 24 at 12:00 Noon

We will be congregating at the Mateship Memorial in Heroes Grove, which is in Golden Gate Park. Following the short ceremony, we will retire to the East Meadow Picnic Area and enjoy a BYO picnic with friends.
Ample parking is available at the Music Concourse Parking Garage.
There is limit on numbers attending this outdoor event. All are welcome and your friends are too.
We apologize for the late notification but it was very difficult to confirm the appropriate venue. Many thanks to SFAussies for their great job of getting it all sorted



After two years of waiting, we can now toss those gumboots, try our luck in the sack race, laugh over the egg and spoon race, go wild over the lolly scramble and fire up the Barbie!  Hooray.
This is our signature family event for the year, back by popular demand, at the Carousel Picnic Ground in Tilden Park.

Save this date and be sure to let you friends know how much fun this is; we welcome you all, as we get to show and share some of our Kiwi spirit.

Date: July 31st
Start: 11:00 AM
Extra special: We will be debuting some SF Kiwis merchandise and are very excited to be sharing this with you at the picnic!

If you have penchant for Kiwi games, Kiwi Trivia, and otherwise helping with the organization of this really fun family event, then please reach out to us as We really appreciate any help you can offer. Thank you.

NZAASF: Our mission is to promote and foster good relations between NZ and the US through a variety of social and cultural events held in the Bay Area.

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