Canadian expert: Ukraine war could end Russian power, influence

An item from the Legion Magazine.

Legion Magazine
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Canadian expert: Ukraine war could end Russian power, influence

Ukrainian Defense Ministry Press Service 

Canadian expert: Ukraine war could end Russian power, influence


A Canadian adviser in Ukraine says Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to invade the former Soviet republic could spell the end of Russia as the world knows it.

Donald Bowser, an anti-corruption specialist who has worked in Ukraine for 30 years, says the Feb. 24 invasion and subsequent offensive has confirmed what insiders already knew—that the Russian army is a hollow shell of its former self.



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In 1902, when most of the world thought heavier-than-air flight was a pipe dream, Wallace Rupert Turnbull began research into aeronautics in Rothesay, N.B.—and went on to make a major contribution to aviation.

After graduating as a mechanical engineer in 1893 and studying physics in Germany, Turnbull started testing aircraft stability and the efficiency of various wing designs in his Rothesay workshop, which included Canada’s first wind tunnel.



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