Lost soldier found: The life, death and rebirth of Private John Lambert

An item from the Legion Magazine.

Legion Magazine
Front Lines
Small blessings: Military marks Indigenous Peoples Day in Ottawa

The Coady Family

Lost soldier found: The life, death and rebirth of Private John Lambert


He was just 17, a private in the Newfoundland Regiment killed during an all-but-forgotten battle of the First World War.

His name was John Lambert, and his remains lay undiscovered alongside those of a German and three British soldiers beneath Belgian soil near St. Julien for 99 years. He was the only one of the group identified.



The unfortunate fate of convoy HX-49

“The fight to fight: Canada’s No. 2 Construction Battalion” is the eye-opening story of Black wartime service more than 100 years ago.

Black volunteers looking to serve overseas with the Canadian Expeditionary Force during the First World War had every reason not to. White battalion commanders didn’t want them, and recruiters were turning them away. Yet Black men continued to show up at enlistment stations from coast to coast—and not just Canadians.



Military Milestones
The unfortunate fate of convoy HX-49

Canadian Victoria Cross/Twitter

How Master Corporal Harding earned a Medal of Military Valour in Afghanistan


Master Corporal Christopher Harding had served three tours in Bosnia before he began the first of two tours to Afghanistan, with the 1st Battalion, Prince Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry in January 2006.

“If there was ever a unit I could go back to, it would be ‘B’ Company 2006,” said Harding in In Their Own Words: Canadian Stories of Valour and Bravery from Afghanistan, 2001-2007. “It was a company that just clicked. Everybody seemed to mesh. Morale was high and that led to our success.”



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