The Legion Dispatch – August 2022

An update from Dominion Command to its branches (note that items only relevant to branch executive or for Canadian branches have been removed).

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August 2022
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In this edition – August 2022
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2021 census data on Veterans
The 2021 census data on Canadian serving military members and Veterans was recently released. The document contains both demographic and geographic information which is extremely insightful. Read the report.
One key takeaway from the report is the distribution of age. Currently serving CAF were younger on average than the employed labour force (36.2 years versus 41.9 years of age). Additionally, one-third of Veterans are age 25 to 54. These are audiences Branches are trying to attract, for support, for camaraderie, and for membership. These are the audiences Branches will pass the torch to ensure the longevity of the Legion.
Consider these ideas when developing programs, policies, activities and communication tactics for younger demographics:

  1. Meet this younger audience where they are. Invest in a website and have a presence on social media. Share engaging content like videos, stories and photos of your Branch in action.
  2. Get their input! Do a short survey or pull together a small focus group to ask these members what they want or need, what you’re doing well, and what you could do better.
  3. Review your Branch policies and procedures. Some Branches have modified their initiation process or adapted their hat policy to make their Branch more comfortable for new members.
  4. Offer flexible volunteer opportunities. Busy members are more likely to get involved in intermittent, fun, short-term roles that interest them.
  5. Offer activities that appeal to younger audiences. Bring in new bands or comedy entertainment. Try new member sports like euchre tournaments. Offer unique food and drink items on your menu.

Has your Branch been successful in attracting younger members? Let us know how. Email us at

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PTSD study for Canadian Veterans at Sinai Health in Toronto
Researchers at Sinai Health System in Toronto are working on a research study to support care for military and RCMP veterans living with PTSD. As part of the study, veterans would participate in a 6-week breathing-based meditation program that may help with their symptoms of PTSD.
Please share this with Veterans in your community. If interested, or for more information, please contact study staff by:
Phone: 647-804-6121
Learn more  ‣
The Poppy Trademark.
Poppy Trademark – Authorization for use is required
Did you know… The Remembrance Poppy may not be used by any organization, group, community, or individual for commercial or charitable display or public distribution without the express written permission of Dominion Command.
See the attached educational flyer for Branches that highlights important information about the Poppy trademark, and requirements for use.
Download the flyer  ‣
Please direct public inquiries to:
Legion supports a major historic initiative by the Canadian War Museum
The Canadian War Museum’s new project, “In Their Own Voices: Stories from Canadian Veterans and their Families” will document detailed memories and the post-war experiences of Canadian Veterans and their families. The Royal Canadian Legion is proud to support this four-year project that will capture and preserve the first-hand war and post-war experiences of soldiers from all eras.
Learn more  ‣

Privacy and CASL requirements for Branches
Canada’s Privacy Laws and Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) have clear and direct implications for The Royal Canadian Legion. Branches and Commands are responsible for their own compliance with applicable privacy laws and with CASL requirements. Download the bilingual trifold brochure to learn how Branches can be compliant.
PR Tip of the Month
Consider this resolution: Support for Canada’s Indigenous Community
In August 2021, the Legion pledged at all levels to support and collaborate with our First Nations, Métis, and Inuit communities in the areas of cultural and heritage awareness, understanding injustices and commemorating loss. Consider this when creating internal and external communciations projects.
Have questions or need advice? Contact your Command Public Relations Officer or Nujma Bond, Dominion Command Communications at
Your Legion calendar
On September 2, 1945, the Japanese formally surrendered, marking the official end of the Second World War.
Learn about the Second World War and other important dates your Branch can commemorate or promote.
Download the 2022 calendar  ‣
Tell us your MemberPerks savings story.
MemberPerks®: Exclusive offers and preferred pricing through Venngo
MemberPerks® is more than a member benefit package. It’s also a tool Branches can use to promote membership. Plus, you can partner with local businesses in your community to offer exclusive discounts for your members.
Learn more  ‣
Partner promotions
The following is brought to you by our partners, highlighting special offers and other information.
An evening with Margaret MacMillan
The Legion National Foundation invites you to a special event featuring award-winning author Margaret MacMillan as she discusses her writing, her experiences, and the history of war.
Monday, September 12, 7:00–8:30 p.m. EST
In-person (Toronto) and virtual event. Registration is complimentary.
Register now
Special offer from Legion Magazine
If you have any questions, please contact Member Services and we will be pleased to assist. 1-855-330-3344 or

Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. EST

Working together to serve Canada’s Veterans.
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