What’s Your Why?

An update from the Wreaths Across America organization that may be of interest to members. Note that our cadets always have a specific fundraising link to support their efforts with the sale of wreaths each year.  As soon as we have that information, it will be pass along to the membership.


Dear Comrade,


Here at Wreaths Across America headquarters in Maine, it has been a month full of fellowship, sharing, learning, and teaching. I’ve been thinking about the heartfelt stories that are shared in answer to one question: “What is your why?”


Read my message about finding your “why” by clicking on the button below.


Karen Worcester

Executive Director

New: Veterans Day TEACH Curriculum

We’ve added Veterans Day Lesson Plans for grades Kindergarten through 12th to our Curriculum.


How will you help TEACH the next generation? Access our resources by clicking on the button below and together we can TEACH future generations the value of freedom.


What Do 2nd Graders Think About Veterans and Patriotism?

TEACH the next generation the value of freedom!

Thank you to the 2nd graders at Eliot Elementary School in Maine. These kids have a good start, but there is so much for them to learn as they begin using our new curriculum. We would love to hear from students across the country about what these words mean to them.

Tune In – Save the Date for our next Roundtable Discussion!

Roundtable Discussion on Veteran Healin g - GRAPHIC (1920 √ó 1080 px) (1)[4]

Wreaths Across America Radio proudly presents the next episode in its series of roundtable discussions focused on veteran healing through sharing stories of resilience, purpose, and success. Join us Thursday, October 13, 2022, at 12 PM ET! The roundtable will focus on the recalibrated warrior, and how finding purpose can benefit not only in your own journey of resilience but help connect with others working to overcome similar challenges. Read more about the discussion below.

Broadcast a Message to Your Military Family Member

Wreaths Across America Radio wants to hear from you! If you have someone in your life that is deployed, let them know you are thinking of them with Wreaths Across America Radio. There are two ways to get your message to your military family member – first, the good old-fashioned telephone! Call and leave your message at 888-348-3352, say your name, the name of your service person, and your message to them. The second way to get your message to us is via email. Create a voice recording of your message and send it via e-mail to waaradio@wreathsacrossamerica.org.

Find A Location Near You

Looking to get involved this Wreaths Across America Day?


You can find a location to participate at with our Location Finder


Featured Merchandise

License Plate Frame

Show your support during fundraising events, parades, among your group members, or when you’re running errands with our License Plate Frame!

Make sure to follow Wreaths Across America official channels on social media for the most up-to-the-minute news on the mission throughout the year:


Wreaths Across America, PO Box 249, Columbia Falls, ME 04623, United States, 877-385-9504

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