Developer abandons planned condo complex at Juno Beach

An item from the Legion Magazine.

Stephen J thorne


Developer abandons planned condo complex at Juno Beach


A French developer is abandoning plans to build a luxury condominium complex at the site where Canadian troops fought and died on D-Day.

The decision came after the Canadian and French governments formulated a plan to help the local council in Courseulles-Sur-Mer purchase the land. Ottawa will contribute about $4 million.

“This is a big day. A big day for Canada. A big day for veterans,” said Veterans Affairs Minister Lawrence MacAulay on Oct. 7. “Tens of thousands of people wrote to me—that does not happen every day—on this issue. In fact, that helps a politician make things move, and we were able to do it.

“I’m just thankful that we got the resolution that we did. That will help Canada and help France … display to the world what we paid for peace and security in the world.”



Sharif Tarabay

The making of Canada’s first hero—Isaac Brock


Major-General Isaac Brock was 43 years old when he died on Oct. 13, 1812, while defending Canada from a United States invasion.

That day Canada lost an able administrator, Britain last an insightful military strategist and the Canadian people lost a hero.

Born on Guernsey, an island in the English Channel, in 1769, he was the eighth son in a large family. Three of his older brothers went into the military and Brock followed at the age of 15, becoming an ensign with the 8th Regiment of Foot.

He had an active early career, serving in Barbados and Jamaica and the war with Napoleon. As a lieutenant-colonel in 1797, he was given command of the 49th Regiment of Foot, where his ability to interpret enemy strategies was honed.



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