Drone on drone: Demolition derby of the skies over Ukraine

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Front Lines
Front Lines


Drone on drone: Demolition derby of the skies over Ukraine


Military drones may not be a new phenomenon, but combatants in Ukraine have taken remote warfare to new heights, pitting drone against drone in what amounts to a kind of airborne demolition derby in the skies over the embattled country.

The weapons of choice in these drone-on-drone battles are not bullets, missiles or bombs, but in many cases cheap, hobby-quality quadcopters and the like, for which altitude and blunt force have proven the great equalizers in aerial duels with more sophisticated, and expensive, hardware.


Vintage Warbirds Series
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Military Milestones
Military Milestones


Vancouver’s ship killer


It was April 5, 1958, and Victor Dolmage was given one monumental task: to press a button.

Consulting engineer for the Ministry of Public Work, Dolmage would do just that at 9:31 a.m. One-fifth of a second later, more than half a million tonnes of rock, water and debris would shoot 300 metres into the air, creating one of the largest non-nuclear explosions to ever take place.

Marking its 65th anniversary, this event was none other than the explosion of Ripple Rock, an underwater twin-peaked mountain in North Vancouver’s Seymour Narrows, which became a notorious “ship killer.”


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