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April 2023
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What amazing work is your Branch doing?
Spring is finally in full swing, and we at the Legion are proud to shine some sunlight on the amazing work Branches across Canada are doing to serve our Veterans. From preserving their legacy to ensuring they have a safe place to live, we are extremely proud of the efforts Legion members are taking to support Canada’s Veterans.
Be a part of the action! Find out what initiatives your local Branch is involved in and see how you can lend a hand to our Veterans.
Meet Mike Trauner
Our first Ambassador for the 45th annual Legion National Youth Track and Field Championships has been announced! Retired Master Corporal Mike “Mega Traun” Trauner is a former Invictus athlete, after being personally invited to the event by Prince Harry, and is currently training for the Paralympics.
As Ambassador, Trauner will embody the spirit of camaraderie, strength, and perseverance as he shares his incredibly inspiring story with our young athletes.
Read more about the Ambassador  ‣
Bay Roberts Legion is collecting Veterans’ stories
A new project from the Bay Roberts Legion will tell the stories of Veterans from the area. To date, the Branch has compiled and completed biographies from over 250 Veterans.
“The aim of any Legion Branch is to make sure Veterans and their families are looked after by remembrance,” said Harold Brown, Branch president. “What we’re trying to do it make sure the community knows that these people served, that specifically this area, they never forget.”
Read more about the project  ‣
Thorold Legion engages community to help homeless Veterans
Thorold, Ontario Legion members Ken Smalko and Jeannie Soper have been spearheading their Branch’s homeless Veterans program for the last two years and have already helped 15 Veterans! Recently, they met with local fire departments, emergency services and police services to educate and coordinate services so first responders can better identify struggling Veterans and help them access the supports they need.
Sault Ste. Marie Legion branches out into affordable housing for Veterans
The Sault Ste. Marie Legion is redeveloping its building to include a bar, a museum and an upper level with 107 apartments — 35 of which will be affordable units intended for Veterans.
“Unfortunately, a number of Veterans are finding themselves where they can’t afford to live. So if we can make it a little easier, then it’s our duty and responsibility.”
Know a Legion Branch that’s making a difference for Veterans in your community? Send us your story at
The Royal Canadian Legion responds: 2023 federal budget
The Royal Canadian Legion is trusting that the 2023 budget commitment of $156.7 million dollars announced today to help support military and RCMP Veterans, will do just that – and in tangible ways.
“We are happy to see this proposed spending,” says Bruce Julian, Dominion President. “But it needs to be properly targeted. We need more clarity on exactly how it will be spent. This funding needs to go where it’s needed most, and in a way that directly benefits Veterans and clears the backlog.”
Read our full statement  ‣
Legion Command Service Officers ease process of applying for VAC benefits
As advocates, advisors, mentors and guides, Legion Command Service Officers assist Veterans, serving military members and their families in submitting applications for benefits and treatments and in appealing when Veteran’s Affairs denies entitlement to them.
Command Service Officers understand the deeply intense and personal journey that is necessary to submit these applications. It is a journey one does not have to travel alone. With compassion and knowledge, they take away the often overwhelming feelings associated with working through the system.
If you or someone that you know requires assistance in accessing VAC benefits, please contact a provincial Legion Command Service Officer here or by calling toll free at 1‑877‑534‑4666.
Public Consultation on the Defence Policy Update
The Department of National Defence and Canadian Armed Forces recently announced the opening of public consultations on the Defence Policy Update. The update will build upon Canada’s current defence policy and enable the CAF to meet any threat in the changed global security environment. Submissions will be considered to April 30, 2023.
Learn more  ‣
Your membership can help you save
31,000 Legions members have saved a combined total of over $1.13 million in savings through our MemberPerks program!
Check out this latest offer, and many more! With MemberPerks®, you can shop online or in-store at local and national stores and service providers and save $1000s every year. It’s a great way to support the Legion, local businesses, and your wallet.
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