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New Vimy Ridge Posters for only $29.99!

From the Legion Magazine.


Vimy Posters
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World War I: True Stories from Vimy to Victory

When the First World War started in 1914, Canada’s population was less than 8 million, yet more than 620,000 enlisted to stand up to tyranny. Many of the surviving soldiers felt compelled to share their stories—not necessarily with everyone, but with those who had also served—and Legion Magazine helped their voices be heard. Many of those stories, accompanied by dozens of dramatic photos, are collected in this new special issue.

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The Royals

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Canada’s Ultimate Story
The Royals: The Fight to Rule Canada

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Canada’s mission to Iraq extended

From the Legion Magazine.

Mission to Iraq extended, other options considered

by Stephen J. Thorne

The federal government had no sooner released its new foreign
and defence policies than it put its money where its mouth is and renewed
its commitment to the allied coalition fighting ISIS in Iraq and Syria.


More study needed on medical marijuana

by Sharon Adams

More and more veterans with PTSD are seeking relief through
medical marijuana. But because it’s been illegal for so long,
medical marijuana research is relatively sparse, and research
into veterans’ use of marijuana is even more rare.


July 12, 1943

RCAF Beaufighter pilot FO J.H. Turnbull
shoots down three bombers over Sicily.



21st Anniversary of the Margot Brown Wheelchair Regatta – SAT, 23 SEP 2017

Note this information about an up-coming event in the Bay Area.

Please note: If you know of a veteran(s) not in a home, but wheelchair bound please bring that person along and follow the instructions below!
Thank you. Fred Rutledge
                                                                    Greetings from the Pacific Inter-Club Yacht Association’s 

21st Annual Margot Brown Wheelchair Regatta Committee!
Happy Summer all!  This is the Second Notice for MBWCR #21!
We will be holding the 21st Annual Margot Brown Wheelchair Regatta on Saturday, 23 September 2017. We look forward to having representatives from Livermore, Martinez, the Masonic Home in Fremont, Palo Alto, San Francisco, and Yountville again for this great activity. The VFW and American Legion volunteers may be bringing vets as well.  With that in mind, we need to put out some important information and requests.
Health and Safety:   For the safety of the vets, firefighters, Coasties and the boat owners, we do not allow electric wheelchairs on board the boats.  If you have folks in electric wheelchairs please bring them to the event, but have standard, non-electric chairs along to transfer the vets into before getting into the boat queue.
Head gear and sunscreen are also helpful! Thank you!
Also, as you know the day can be very warm.  I encourage you to hydrate the veterans before arriving at the Encinal Yacht Club.  We will have water bottles available but discourage drinking up in the queue or on the boats as the heads (“bathrooms” for non-sailors) are not easy to use.  Encinal has bathrooms as you enter the yard.  Please encourage your vets to use them before boarding the boats.
Photography:   We encourage the veterans and hospital escorts to bring cameras along.  This is a great photo opportunity.  We have had Polaroid cameras available in the past and have a few available this year.  Film, on the other hand, is becoming more difficult to obtain.
Arrival at Encinal Yacht Club :  Encinal is located at 1251 Pacific Marina, Alameda, 94501.  Please check their web site: for directions.
A drop-off point by the entrance gate will be marked off.  The Arkansas Division of the US Navy Sea Cadets will be there to assist with off-loading folks and bringing them into the club’s yard.  A separate area for vehicle parking will be available.  A quick egress is requested as buses may be arriving at the same time.
Numbers Attending.    As we get closer to the event, it would be very helpful for last minute shopping, boat assignments and so on, to have a relatively good number of how many people are coming from your facilities.  Please email your approximate numbers to Pete VanDerWerff,,  by Tuesday, 19 SEP.
He will need to have the following information:                  
1. Number of wheelchair bound Vets:
2. Number of attendants:
3. Number of Visually challenged vets:
4. Number of other ambulatory:
Peter VanDerWerff will be the point of contact the day of the event.  Contact number: (mobile: 408-981-3519).  Thank you so much for allowing PICYA to honor those who have served our country with this special event.  Thanks too for assisting us in gathering this information ahead of time.  On behalf of our PICYA Commodore, Linda Blue  (,) and all the volunteers, we are looking forward to seeing you and your vets on Saturday, 23 SEP!
More updates to follow.
Fred Rutledge,                                                                                                               
Staff Commodore,                                                                                                                                                                          
PICYA Wheelchair Regatta Committee                                                                                                                                             

Sea King Helicopter Retirement – December 2018 in Victoria

We received this notice from the Royal Canadian Air Force Association ( listserve.

After 50+ years of service to Canada the CH124 Sea King will be retired in December 2018.  Considering the thousands of maintainers and aircrew that have served on Sea King Squadrons over the years  could we prevail on you to publish this notice in your publication to help us get the word out.

Sea King Retirement

After 50+ years of service the Sea King will be retired December 2018 at 443MH Victoria.  Advance planning is underway.  Visit for updates.

Canada’s military scores a number of firsts

From the Legion Magazine.

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Canada’s military scores a number of firsts

By Stephen J. ThorneJune 2017 was a pretty good month for Canada’s military. First, there was
the defence policy review, released after a year-long consultation process.
Then there were two individual accomplishments: a world record for the longest
confirmed kill shot in military history, at 3,540 metres, and the first female officer
to command troops guarding the Queen at Buckingham Palace.

or visit

Canada at 150

A selective look back at the
people and events that made us

By Don Gillmor

Canada was formed by a combination of hope and fear; hope that something great could be created in the wilderness, and fear of American imperialism and Fenian raiders. At 150, we are no longer young, but compared to our aging parents (England is 1,146 years old, if you count Alfred the Great as its first king, France a creaky 1,531), we remain youthful. When we look back at our shared mythologies—the people, politics and events that made Canada, we see heroism, occasional chaos and the overcoming of long odds, starting with Confederation.


July 6, 2012

CFB Borden gets its first female base commander, Col. Tammy Harris.
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