Storied Lee-Enfield rifle heads into retirement

From the Legion Magazine.

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Storied Lee-Enfield heads into retirement

by Stephen J. Thorne

Last week, soldiers from four countries gathered in Ottawa at an annual
international shooting competition, where the Lee-Enfield rifle 
was making what is likely to be its final appearance.


Camp X

Dallaire’s nightmare

by Don Gillmor

Romeo Dallaire’s account is one of the most detailed and harrowing,
and certainly the highest ranking, stories of PTSD. When he left Rwanda,
he took its horrors with him. He was scarred not just by the slaughter, but
by the disturbing knowledge that it could have been prevented.


legion magazine Passchendaele

September 22, 1944

After six days of fighting, the town of
Boulogne, France, is captured by Canadians.


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