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Battle of the Atlantic Poster

Battle of the Atlantic
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The Battle of the Atlantic premium poster honours the Royal Canadian Navy who fought in Canada’s longest campaign of the Second World War from September 3, 1939 to May 8, 1945. Hours after Britain declared war on Germany on Sept. 3, 1939, the German submarine U-30 sank the ocean liner SS Athenia. Among the 128 dead was ship steward Hannah Baird of Montreal, Canada’s first fatality of the Second World War.

The Battle of the Atlantic raged for 68 months, the longest campaign of the war. Germany’s objective was to starve Britain into submission by cutting shipping supply lines. The Allies responded with escorted oceanic convoys and the Royal Canadian Navy played a critical role, protecting convoys from the Caribbean to the United Kingdom. By 1944, Canada had proven itself as one of the world’s best U-boat hunters.


Canada and the Second World War: The Battles

Coming soon….
Canada and the Second World War: The Battles

The next issue in the award-winning series Canada’s Ultimate Story is Canada and the Second World War: The Battles. The Battle of Britain, the Battle of Hong Kong, the Dieppe Raid, the Italian Campaign, the Battle of the Atlantic, the Invasion of Normandy, the Battle of the Scheldt—these were some of the most important and costly conflicts of the Second World War where Canadians played pivotal roles. To witness what those brave Canadians experienced, pick up a copy of Canada and the Second World War: The Battles on newsstands across Canada May 7 or step into Canada’s rich history by subscribing to Canada’s Ultimate Story before May 7Plus, you get a free poster inside your issue!

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