Canadian kids learn of RAF’s rich history

From the Legion Magazine.

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Front lines
Canadian kids learn of RAF’s rich history
Canadian kids learn of RAF’s rich history
Canadian kids learn of RAF’s rich history

Canadian kids learn of RAF’s rich history

Story and photography by Stephen J. Thorne


The Jack Tars of the Royal Navy may have ruled the seven seas in the 19th century, but Royal Air Force pilots owned the skies over Britain in the 20th.

Indeed, Britain’s “finest hour,” as Prime Minister Winston Churchill called it, came mainly thanks to RAF pilots, whose staunch defence and willing sacrifice against overwhelming odds dealt Hitler his first defeat, stopped his western advance in its tracks and bought Allied nations the time they needed to win the Second World War in Europe.


July/August 2018 issue is now available!

July/August 2018 issue is now available!

The July/August 2018 issue of Legion Magazine is out today! Look for it on newsstands or check your mailbox if you subscribe already. Features include:

In the final 100 days of the First World War, Canada was called again and again to lead the offensive

How a terror group used the apocalyptic properties of water in its global war

On one of the toughest missions in the Allied invasion of Sicily, Canadians seized the pinnacle of Monte Assoro

And so much more…


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“Canadian Woods” by artist Jennifer Morse

“The sky in autumn is bluer than at any other time of year. On a perfect day in October, maple leaves are fluorescent against the sky. I woke up to that one morning two years ago. I dragged an 8″ x 4″board into the woods, piled tubes of paints at my feet and started mixing and layering colours. The sunlight illuminated the leaves. It was like a cathedral, with light streaming through red, orange, gold, lime and blue stained glass. I didn’t realize my feet were soaked until dusk forced me to stop. The next day the leaves fell.”


This week in history
This Week in History

July 18, 1814

British forces evacuate Fort Mackinac in Michigan following the signing of the Treaty of Ghent. The Americans re-occupy the fort.


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