Save the Date: ANZAC Day – April 28th

A reminder of this event from the SF Kiwis – New Zealand American Association San Francisco organization.

The Royal Canadian Legion encourages all members in the San Francisco Bay Area to attend this event.  For those that are unaware, ANZAC Day is celebrated on the anniversary of the Battle of Gallipoli.  While the main Allied combatants were from Australia and New Zealand, there was a British contingent there in the form of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment.  This was some ~35 years before Newfoundland would join Canada.  For more information about the role of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment at Gallipoli, visit:

Save the Date: ANZAC Day – April 28th

On behalf of the New Zealand and Australian communities in San Francisco, it is our honour to invite you to attend the annual ANZAC Day service to be held at the Log Cabin, 1299 Storey Ave, in San Francisco on Sunday the 28th of April.

Following the ceremony at the Log Cabin, there will be a BBQ with light refreshments and a no host bar.

Please purchase your BBQ tickets to assist with catering. BBQ tickets can be purchased from the SF Aussies website at this link, or possibly on the day of for $25 per person & $15 per child (depending if they sell out via the website or not).

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