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An item from the Legion Magazine.

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Back Issue BLOWOUT
Best of Everything Canadian Pack!
Floral Emblems Pack + FREE TULIP LEGACY
25 pack of Floral Emblems Paper Placemats

Paper Placemats –
Floral Emblems (25 Pack)

Individually sold at $29.99

Looking for a placemat to complement your table’s floral centrepiece? Gather friends and family around your dinner table with the Floral Emblems Paper Placemats.


Apron - Floral Emblems

Apron – Floral Emblems
Individually sold at $19.99

The most practical of kitchen accessories need not be plain thanks to our limited edition aprons. Whether baking or barbecuing, these colourful aprons will bring joy to your kitchen!


Tea Towels - Floral Emblems

Tea Towel – Floral Emblems
Individually sold at $8.99

Spruce up your kitchen décor with our colourful tea towels. The perfect gift for a home baking lover.


Yes I am From Canada Travel Mug or Bottle
Stainless steel bottle!
Back Issue Blowout!
D-Day Remembered
Floral Emblems of Canada Mailing Labels
Legion Magazine

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