In Memory Of Our WWI Veterans This Memorial Day Weekend

An item from the World War One Centennial Commission.

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National WWI Memorial View

We’re getting close to putting a shovel in the ground for the National World War I Memorial in Washington, D.C.

We started at $50 Million and we only have $13 Million to raise in order to get started this fall. That is tremendous progress, so I know that together we can do it.

Thanks for your friendship, interest and support with gifts, guidance, and commitment as we seek to remember those who, as our Chairman is fond of saying, “left their homes to fight in a war they didn’t start, in a land most had never visited, in the name of peace and liberty for people they didn’t know”.

Our Doughboys did it then.

You can help get this done now.

If you have given before, please consider another gift, large or small, in Memory of the Doughboys, on this special weekend when we remember those who sacrificed. Every dime goes to our Doughboys’ Memorial.

And if you have not donated to the National WWI Memorial in Washington – now is a really important time for you to join in the effort.

Whether you can give a gift right now or not, thank you for being part of the community that is remembering the significance and the sacrifice of our men, women and nation in WWI.


Dans Signature

Daniel S. Dayton
Executive Director
U.S. World War One Centennial Commission

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This email was sent on behalf of: World War One Centennial Commission · 701 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW #123 · Washington, DC 20004

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