95-year-old Ted Martens: Dutch resistance fighter

An item from the Legion Magazine.

Front Lines
Ted Martens: Dutch resistance fighter

Ted Martens: Dutch resistance fighter

Story by Stephen J. Thorne

Ted Martens did whatever he could to derail the Nazi war machine while serving with the Dutch resistance during the Second World War—then the Nazi war machine derailed him, but only briefly.

Martens was captured early in 1942 and came within a hair’s-breadth of torture and execution at the hands of German troops. But the strapping Dutchman staged a daring escape and later joined British forces in the drive to liberate his homeland from Nazi tyranny.


Military Milestones
The sinking of the Llandovery Castle

The sinking of the Llandovery Castle

Story by Sharon Adams

On the night of June 27, 1918, 14 nursing sisters, all but two Canadian, died, victims of a war crime.

The Canadian hospital ship Llandovery Castle was on its way back to England after delivering recovering soldiers to Halifax. It was running with full lights, its Red Cross clearly illuminated, when it crossed the path of a German U-boat about 200 kilometres from the Irish coast.


Canadian Woods Apron
This week in history
This week in history

June 29, 1922

France grants Canada land surrounding Vimy Ridge for a memorial park; the Canadian National Vimy Memorial is unveiled there in 1936.


Home Equity
Legion Magazine

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