O say can you … help us get to 1776?

Another item from a fellow veterans organization in the San Francisco Bay Area.


To serve our military heroes and honor those who put their lives on the line to protect the freedoms that make America the BEST Country in the world, we’re challenging our members and supporters to help us raise $1776 EVERY DAY this week! Are you up for it?

I Accept the Challenge

Nothing beats a July 4th cookout, except for serving our American heroes!
You could buy a 24-can case of soda or make a gift of $10 and fill a veteran’s cup instead. Give $10 today >
Fireworks and sparklers burn out, but your gift
 of $20 will make a
 lasting impact.
Give $20 today >
Hot dogs, chips and apple pie taste good, but your gift of $50 can honor a hero this holiday.
Give $50 today >

For less than the cost of a cookout and fireworks for your friends and family, you will help us COMMEMORATE the memory of the fallen and those who served, EDUCATE our community about U.S. defense, past and present, and SERVE veterans, current Armed Forces, and their families.

Plus, you’ll ensure we can always be a “home away from home” here at the Marines’ Memorial Club & Hotel.

Each year we host more than 6,200 of our military heroes, from all branches of the Armed Forces. Whenever their travels bring them through our doors, they know they will have a place to rest, relax and connect with other veterans and service members, thanks to you.

So will you help meet the challenge?

Thank you, and Happy Independence Day.

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*If your giving is restricted to 501(c)3 organizations, please consider a gift to Marines’ Memorial Foundation which supports all programs of the Marines’ Memorial Association. Please contact the Marines’ Memorial Development Department at development@marinesmemorial.orgfor more information.
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