PODCAST – Overtures To Peace & Baseball

A news podcast from the folks at the World War One Centennial Commission.

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Doughboy Podcast A

Overtures To Peace
& Baseball in WWI

Episode #145

Wilson throws baseball

Wilson receives overtures for an armistice from German, Austo-hungary, Ottoman empire – because he was seen by the Central Powers as the potentially most sympathetic – and he had those 14 points…

Overtures To Peace & Baseball

Host – Theo Mayer

  • Overtures to peace – Host | @01:30
  • Atrocities in Syria – Mike Shuster | @08:20
  • America Emerges: Sgt. Alvin York – Dr. Edward Lengel | @13:00
  • Remembering Veterans: Charles Edward Dilkes – Dr. Virginia Dilkes | @20:45
  • Speaking WWI: Teddy Bear Suit – Host | @28:05
  • Historian’s Corner: Baseball in WWI – Jim Leeke | @31:20
  • 100C/100M: Springdale PA – Mayor Jo Bertoline & Patrick Murray | @37:50


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