Games of war

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Military Milestones
Battling the enemy and the weather

Battling the enemy and the weather

Story by Sharon Adams

In March 1945, after cloudy weather foiled a February bombing raid, Allied air forces zealously attacked Chemnitz, a major German industrial centre, 260 kilometres south of Berlin, close to the Austrian border. It was a rail junction with one of the largest Nazi railway repair shops.

After a three-day attack on the marshalling yards by U.S. bombers, British Bomber Command carried out four successive nights of raids.


Front Lines
Games of war

Games of war

Story by Stephen J. Thorne

I don’t know what it was that fascinated me about war when I was a kid, but I seemed to spend an awful lot of time immersed in its history, and myth, at a very young age. We all did. When not eating, sleeping or going to school, we baby-boomer kids spent most of the 1960s outdoors—riding bicycles, playing hockey in the street or on backyard rinks, and playing war.


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This week in history
This week in history

March 7, 1951

Second Battalion, Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry, assaults and secures Hill 532 in the Battle of Maehwa-San in South Korea; seven die and 37 are wounded.


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