Remembering D-Day

An item from a fellow veterans organization in the Bay Area.

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76 years ago today… 

On June 6, 1944, D-Day, some 156,000 American, British and Canadian forces landed on five beaches along the coast of France’s Normandy region. There would be eleven more months of hard fighting in Europe before the Nazis were defeated, but the D-Day invasion gave the Allies the success they needed to start that fight.


Today we commemorate the estimated 4,414 Allied soldiers, Marines, sailors, airmen and coast guardsmen who died on D-Day.  We remember the men who risked their lives, not to conquer, but to liberate.


In 2019, Marines’ Memorial celebrated the 75th Anniversary of D-Day by showcasing three speakers, Brigadier (Retd.) Roderick Macdonald MBE, Dr. Seth Givens, and Mr. Phil Gioia, who retold first-hand accounts of June 6th both from the Allied and German perspectives.  If you have not seen it, or wish to watch it again, you can find the video on or on our YouTube page.

“In all of the far-flung operations of our Armed Forces, the toughest job has been performed by the average, easy-going, hard-fighting young American who carries the weight of battle on his own young shoulders. It is to him that we and all future generations must pay grateful tribute.”
-Franklin Delano Roosevelt

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