Discover the CWGC’s new look website

An item from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

Take a first look at our new and improved website

Our new improved website, designed using our new visual identity, has been created to make it easier than ever for you to discover the stories of the world wars with us.
Today, we’re using increasingly creative ways to welcome people to our cemeteries and memorials and engage with people on a wide variety of digital platforms. With this in mind, we are embracing our evolving task with a more contemporary website and identity, but one that still reflects our heritage.

If you haven’t already, click below to take a first look at our new website and discover the stories of the world wars.

Explore the new website

What’s new on the website?

Alongside the new look, we’ve improved the search function to allow you to discover and research the 1.7 million casualties we commemorate more easily. You can now get better results from partial details, and visitors will benefit from improved mobile functionality for using the website while out and about.

Our new logo

Our new logo draws inspiration from the Commonwealth Nations icon, with each of the pillars representing our six funding member nations standing together in a common cause. The curved top is reminiscent of the headstone shape we’re known for, yet it is interrupted in the middle, just as two generations were during the world wars. It is reflective, in that the top matches the bottom, representing the past and present, and is stately, reflecting the importance placed on design in those early days of the Commission. Our new logo will co-exist with, rather than replace, the Blomfield design which will remain our official seal.

Copyright 2020 Commonwealth War Graves Commission, All rights reserved.

Our mailing address is:
2 Marlow Road, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 7DX

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