He’s 100 years old! Join the party…

A newsletter from the formerly There But Not There organization.

He’s 100 years old! Join the party….
Commemorate the 75th Anniversary year of VJ Day with your family, friends and your community safely next Saturday. Remember those who went into battle to secure our freedom today. Here’s why….

John Riggs, resident here at  the RBLI Village is 100 years old. Seventy-five years ago, John was battling through the jungle and monsoon storms of Northern Burma (now Myanmar), travelling up to 180-miles a month on foot and destroying transport lines to stop the attacks as part of the Chindits’ campaign. John has been living on RBLI’s Aylesford village, which provides homes and welfare to more than 300 veterans and their families, since 1956.

August 15th 2020 marks Victory over Japan Day – the day Japan finally surrendered and brought the Second World War to an end. This is the day when 75 years ago, our nation truly celebrated peace. The brave men and women serving our country were sent home to their families at last. Now doesn’t that deserve a celebration?

Next Saturday people up and down the country will be holding their own celebrations. Join us – and John – in our soon to be announced online remembrance.

If you haven’t already, download your VJ Day Party Fundraising Activity Pack to support your celebrations. It includes bunting, games, posters and more!

Now more than ever our veterans need the support of people like you, fundraising so RBLI can continue to provide the vital services veterans count on.


We are extremely proud to be able to use our platform to share VJ Day stories and information about the war in the Far East. Often referred to as ‘The Forgotten Army’, we are determined to make sure those men, and women, are no longer forgotten.

There are some incredible VJ Day stories that to share with you all. But the stories we have are a fraction of the stories out there.

Do you remember the day as a child? Maybe your father, or grandfather, fought in the Far East? Whatever your story, we want to hear it and add it to our VJ Day Memorial Album.

Support veterans of today by remembering the sacrifices of the past.
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All rights reserved.

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