Warfare Most Foul

An item from the Legion Magazine.

Military Milestones
A Dane with the CEF

A Dane with the CEF

Story by Sharon Adams

In 1918, a member of the Canadian Expeditionary Force was awarded the Victoria Cross—but he wasn’t Canadian at all. Lieutenant Thomas Dinesen was from a wealthy and influential Danish family and  although unfamiliar with Scottish-Canadian culture and knowing only a few words of English, he was welcomed into the Canadian army and transferred to the Royal Highlanders of Canada.


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Warfare Most Foul

Warfare most foul

Written by Tim Cook

In the Battle of Hill 70, Canadian soldiers faced a vile chemical weapon. From the first velvety phut of the shell burst to those corpse-like breaths that a man inhaled almost unawares,” wrote Private John Lynch of the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry. “It lingered about out of control.

“When he fired it, a man released an evil force that became free to bite friend or foe til such time as it died into the earth. Above all, it went against God-inspired conscience.”


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This week in history
This week in history

August 14, 1945

Japan unconditionally surrenders to the Allies. The Second World War is over.


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Legion Magazine

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