DML small biz webinar Sept 16th + new panelist added

An update on this up-coming event from our Canadian colleagues in the Bay Area.

Our talented all-Canadian expert panel work for tech leaders Facebook, Shopify, and Google (new panelist just announced). Our DML moderators – David Stewart and Wendy Kam Marcy – have been prepping with the panel and promise an engaging and informative discussion on best practices for small businesses looking for growth via their online sales.
In addition to the panelists announced below, we are thrilled to add Jason Sanio of Google to the chat. If you work with anyone or have a network that would be interested in this (free) webinar, please encourage them to attend.
Jason Sanio (panelist) is the Head of Marketing for Google Domains in Seattle, WA, and spent the previous 7 in product marketing roles at Google in the Bay Area. Jason is from a family of small business owners in Ontario, Canada, growing up in Aurora and Bracebridge. Jason graduated from the Schulich School of Business at York University in 2010, with honors.
The Digital Moose Lounge is committed to supporting local small businesses during the pandemic and beyond, while still growing connections within our vibrant Bay Area Canadian community. And, with all of our content being virtual these days, we have also been connecting with the Canadian community in other parts of the US.
Thanks for supporting our Digital Moose Lounge community!
Erika & Gris
Co-chairs, DML

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In recent months, the DML has been reaching out to Canadian-owned, affiliated and themed small businesses in the Bay Area, to support them in today’s challenging economy. We’ve heard how the pandemic has impacted businesses, and forced our favourite shops, restaurants, artisans, and service providers to find new ways of reaching customers.

In this panel, we will gather experts from our Canadian tech community to discuss tips and strategies on how to make the most of tech tools and grow sales online.

Please join our webinar, and share the details with any small business or entrepreneur who you think might find this information helpful. We will make time for Q&A at the end.

Meet our panelists, below, and don’t forget to pre-register for this Zoom webinar scheduled for Wednesday, September 16th!

Brian Hale (panelist) is originally from Calgary, and is currently serving as the VP of Product Growth at Facebook, helping oversee Facebook’s small business platform.

Brian began his career in growth and performance marketing in 1999 at the start-up ACDSee, where he first started “figuring out that search engine thing”, growing e-commerce, and providing analytics. He has since gone on to lead demand generation and e-commerce for DivX, the digital video technology company, and then led SEO and Growth functions for the travel start-up “Uptake”, which later sold to Groupon. Since 2010 he has been at Facebook, where he is Vice President of the Product Growth team, which partners with engineering teams across Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and Messenger using data and experimentation to drive growth of app adoption and engagement.

Amy Thibodeau (panelist) is from Saskatchewan, and moved from Silicon Valley back to Canada a few years ago to lead UX for Store Management at Shopify. In her role as Director, Amy leads design, research, content strategy, and UX development for the Store Management team.

In earlier iterations of her life she was one of the first members of Facebook’s now gigantic content strategy team, she renovated an old house in the south of France, worked in art museums, and traveled around the world for a year. Amy lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband Dan and two small dogs, Augustus and Eleanor.

David Stewart (moderator) is the Digital Moose Lounge’s Past Chair, or “Pastured Moose”, and the Advisory Board Chair at UC Berkeley’s Canadian Studies Program. Since 2013, he has consulted on a range of Canada-US education and innovation projects for clients such as the University of Saskatchewan, Expansion Quebec, the Association of University Research Parks Canada, and UBC. From 2007 – 2012, he was the Academic Relations Officer at the Consulate General of Canada in Palo Alto. Previously, he served as the Executive Director of International House, a nonprofit in Charlotte, North Carolina. David began his career as a commercial and immigration lawyer in Toronto, Boston, and Charlotte, and is a member of the Bar in Ontario and Massachusetts.

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