WWI Webinar Series: “Doughboys Leave New Jersey For UK 2020”

Note the webinars below from World War One Centennial Commission.

WWI Webinar Series

Building the National WWI Memorial
In Washington, D.C.

Dough Foundation with WWI Commission logo

Friday September 11, 2020 , 1p Eastern •  “Doughboys Leave New Jersey for UK – in 2020!

Doughboys leave NJ for UK poster

Friday, September 11, 2020 @ 1pm Eastern

An insider Update on the WWI Memorial

In 1917 and 1918, 1.7 million newly recruited Doughboys left the shores of New Jersey headed “Over There”.

Military Historian, Dr. Mitchell Yockelson joins us with some great insights about New Jersey’s role in WWI.

in 2020 HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF, as the 38-figure WWI Memorial sculpture,
“A Soldier’s Journey” is crafted in Englewood, New Jersey. The first 11 sculpted figures are finished and getting ready to leave New Jersey for the foundry in the UK.

This webinar offers a unique opportunity to see all 38 figures assembled at scale and in one place, before the first 11 ship out.

We will take you inside Sabin Howard Studio where the sculptor gives us
up-close and personal insight into the process of creating this masterwork.

We have an update for you on the WWI Memorial construction, and if you have not heard yet, WE’LL REVEAL WHEN THE FENCES ARE COMING DOWN for public access to the WWI Memorial.

Spoiler alert… It is in 2020.

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Short Documentary Bonus

Documentary Going to War poster frame

We will close with a short documentary from our “How WWI Changed America” Series: “America Goes To War”

Did you know… that just two days after Germany invaded Belgium in August of 1914, the First Lady, Ellen Wilson died at the White House leaving Woodrow Wilson distraught and distracted as the biggest global crisis in history unfolded?

If you are back at work, or can’t make it live for ANY reason, please register anyway and we will point you to the video of the webinar over the weekend.

It promises to be very special.

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