WWI Webinar Series: “POPPYGANDA: The Historical & Social Impact of a Flower”

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WWI Webinar Series

Building the National WWI Memorial
In Washington, D.C.

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Friday October 09, 2020 , 1p Eastern •  “Poppyganda: The Historical & Social Impact of a Flower

Poppyganda square

Friday, October 09, 2020 @ 1pm Eastern

2020 Webinar Series

with Author Mathew Leonard

“Poppyganda: The Historical & Social Impact of a Flower”
features Dr. Mathew Leonard, author of the book by the same title.

The Poppy is an enduring symbol of WWI. It is an icon that embodies a century of attitudes toward that incredible conflict, however, the poppy’s association with warfare predates 1914 and its legacy is still evolving today.

Dr. Mathew Leonard is a modern conflict archeologist at the University of Bristol in the UK – a very interesting field in its own right.

In 2015 he authored “Poppyganda” which is not only a very clever book title, but also a very clever book as he charts the history of the flower of remembrance through its role from the conflict on the western front until today.

We will also introduce you to the “Bells of Peace” National Bell Tolling program, show you how to pledge, organize, and to Toll The Bell on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in remembrance of those who served in WWI . We will also preview our free Bells of Peace Participation App that will help you be a part of our community of remembrance.

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Bonus Feature

immigrant in wwi

As a bonus feature we will close the webinar with the short 6 minute documentary “Immigrants and WWI” from our How WWI Changed America teaching and learning resources.

DID YOU KNOW: Between 1880 and 1910, 17 million immigrants came to the United States; when WWI broke out, nearly 15% of the population was foreign born. Many of the immigrants were from nations embroiled in WWI. This fostered a deep concern by America’s leaders that getting involved in the war would tear us apart.

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If you are back at work, or can’t make it live for ANY reason, please register anyway and we will point you to the video of the webinar over the weekend.

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