There’s a NEW Special Edition Christmas Tommy

An item from the organization formerly known at There But Not There.

Let us take you back in time.

Introducing our New Special Edition Tommy: Tommy United

To commemorate the brave soldiers who came together on Christmas Day in 1914, RBLI are launching a new, special edition Tommy: Tommy United.

In 1914, British and German troops formed a truce like no other in the history of modern warfare, putting their differences aside and coming together for a game of football on Christmas Day.

Tommy United symbolises the togetherness and unity that can be found in times of adversity. This Christmas, put your Tommy in the Window to show your support.

Being fulfilled by veterans, every sale of Tommy United directly contributes to the employment and support of veterans, who need us now more than ever.

Tommy United | 1914 Christmas Truce Special Edition Military Figure
Tommy United | 1914 Christmas Truce Special Edition Military Figure
  • 10″/25cm high Special Edition Figure
  • Made from Perspex, with an acrylic base 
  • Genuine Tommy product- comes with Certificate of Authentication, signed by veterans and official Tommy sticker and unique number
  • Includes 1914 Christmas Truce Booklet documenting the occasion 
  • All housed within a beautiful commemorative box

The Christmas Truce

It’s Christmas Eve, 1914 in Ploegsteert, Belgium. The weather on the Western Front is a vile combination of bitterly cold winds, freezing temperatures, heavy rain and snow. The trenches are filled with deep mud, and trench foot is prevalent amongst the men on the front line. Morale is at an all time low. Stuck waiting on the front line with no guarantee of a safe return, British troops are longing to be home with their families.

Just a hundred yards away, German troops are experiencing the same hardship and fatigue; them too yearning for home comforts and a Christmas with their families.

Over the days prior, many areas along the trench lines had become quiet. The faint sounds of German Christmas carols could be heard from the British lines, who replied with British carols and words of Christmas wishes.

The clock strikes midnight, it’s Christmas Day. British troops are exchanging words of warm wishes and hope of a safe return, when the words ‘Merry Christmas Tommy’ are heard from the German Trenches.

What happened next was a unofficial truce like no other in modern warfare. British and German troops met in the middle of ‘no man’s land’. They shook hands and exchanged gifts, taking photos and singing carols.

Most famously, the brave soldiers from both sides played a game of football together. Despite the bitter conflict that had happened in the months prior, both sides united on Christmas Day, with their differences in war set aside.

Albert Wyatt, a young Corporal serving in A Company, 1st Battalion, The Norfolk Regiment recalls the events of Christmas Day in the trenches from first-hand experience, stating “we finished up… kicking a football about between the two firing lines. So football in the firing lines between the British and the Germans is the truth, as I was one that played.”

Five years on from 1914, Royal British Legion Industries was established to help wounded, injured and sick ex-Forces (Tommies), returning from the World War One. RBLI has a proud 100 year heritage as a leading military charity, helping to improve the lives of those who sacrificed so much.

Today, we are dealing with another kind of battle. Our focus has shifted from helping injured veterans from WW1 and WW2 to supporting today’s veterans in employment, housing and mental health. We have developed a far greater understanding of PTSD and mental health issues within ex-Forces community, and realise that this a very prevalent, growing issue.

Please help us support the veterans of today by putting Tommy United in your window this Christmas.

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