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Note this up-coming event from one of our fellow Canadian organizations in the Bay Area.

Wednesday 11.25.2020

Hi Michael,

What a time it is for Canadians in tech, both at home and abroad! For those abroad, how can this talented diaspora help shape Canada’s place in the world?

Whether you are an expat yourself, know a few or are simply a passionately proud Canadian, save your spot today for an exciting event with John Stackhouse on December 9th! Event details are found below.

In addition, we’d love to have a moment of your time in answering three short questions.

All the Best,

The C100 Team


There are enough Canadians abroad to constitute an 11th province.  This impressive talent pool consisting of entrepreneurs, educators, humanitarians and more, often share a profound desire to to export Canadian values to the world. Join C100 for an open discussion about the role expats can play in Canada’s place in the world.

Register today to save your spot for an in-depth conversation with John Stackhouse.




Looking to connect with some of the most promising Canadian entrepreneurial leaders?

C100 Members benefit from mentorship and investment, to participating in high-value Member-exclusive events, including  48Hrs in the Valley, and intimate gatherings (yes, even virtually!). A C100 Membership has also been a way to give back to Canada.

C100’s mission is to support, inspire, and connect the most promising Canadian entrepreneurial leaders through mentorship, investment, partnership, & talent. Apply to join as a member today! If you have any questions, our team is here to help.

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