We would like to share our thanks with you.

An item from the World War One Centennial Commission.

On this Day of Thanks, we are reminded that liberty must always be defended, strengthened, and cherished.  We are grateful for the generations of Americans who lived and fought through harsh circumstances to do just that.

We would be remiss in not thanking you for joining us in remembering those who served and gave their lives in World War I. We are grateful for you and the thousands of people who have joined us for podcasts, webinars, virtual bell ringings, and Bells of Peace ceremonies throughout 2020.

America’s World War I Memorial will be key in keeping the War that Changed the World in the national conversation and making sure it is not relegated again to the mists of obscurity.  Thank you for your part in helping to protect our future by remembering our past.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Daniel S. Dayton
Executive Director
U.S. World War I Centennial Commission
Chair, Board of Directors
The Doughboy Foundation

Philip G. Mazzara
President & CEO
The Doughboy Foundation

So much to be thankful for:

Construction progressed well all year in 2020

Despite the incredible challenges brought by the Pandemic in logistics, supply, and labor, we are very grateful that the construction of the National WWI Memorial in Washington D.C. progressed incredibly well all year. The WWI Memorial is targeted for opening in Spring of 2021 as the flowers bloom in Washington.

Work on the sculpture in 2020

Like the NBA, Sabin Howard and his brilliant team created their own isolation bubble and were able to continue their work on the Memorial sculpture without disruption. They completed the first 11 figures of “A Soldier’s Journey” on schedule. In an interesting repeat of history, those clay Doughboys shipped out from New Jersey to the UK and the foundry, Pangolin Editions. Sculpting on the second block “The Battle Scene” is in full swing.

Webinars about WWI for a locked down public

Lockdown came as a shock to everyone this spring. We are thankful that participants and staff were able to seamlessly switch to remote operation, and also stay in touch with YOU through a series of webinars on a variety of WWI related topics including Genealogy, the Hello Girls, WWI Education, progress on the Memorial and more.

Yes. So much to be thankful for…

Most of all we are thankful that we are able to serve in the name of the men and women of America from 100 years ago who gave and sacrificed so much for our country.

We all remember you on this day of thanks.

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