We’ve got a new Champion in our Club!

An item from the organization formerly known as There But Not There.

We have some BIG news. Our veterans have gained a new ambassador and he just so happens to be one of England’s best strikers…

Welcoming our new Tommy Club Ambassador

 Harry Kane MBE
Captain of the England Team and Tottenham Hotspur Striker

 “I am thrilled to be a Tommy Club ambassador.

“RBLI have supported military veterans for more than 100 years and I know the great work they do employing ex-servicemen and women and helping them overcome significant challenges.

“I encourage people to get involved and support the Tommy Club as every new champion makes a difference. Together we can improve the lives on the nations heroes.”


We are all so excited that Harry Kane has joined our Founding President Lord Dannatt, the former head of the British Army, to help us take on the issues that face veterans today.

Every Tommy Club Champion helps to not only create meaningful employment or put a roof over someone’s head, but shows our nations heroes that our community is behind them every step of the way.

For Tim, who you may know very well by now from all his hard work leading the team that fulfills your Tommy orders, a football partnership at Christmas has an extra resonance.

He found in his great uncle Matt Denton’s war diary from three years after the fabled Christmas Truce.

“On Boxing Day he played football with 128 Siege Battery and the major played, apparently,” he said. “They lost 3-1.

“So he didn’t play football with the Germans on Christmas Day or Boxing Day, but they played a match themselves.”

He believes the Christmas Day truce still resonates today because it is “a story of forgiveness and coming together”.

And he believes it shows the power of sport to unite people.

He said: “Football is and always has been a common language between different nations and someone happened to have a ball, it overcame boundaries.

It’s just a shame it didn’t carry on longer.”

Tommy United

Harry Kane is now the proud owner of his very own Tommy United! If you haven’t already, you too can put one in your window.
Your order will be fulfilled by a veteran in the New Year.

Tommy United | 1914 Christmas Truce Special Edition Military Figure
Tommy United | 1914 Christmas Truce Special Edition Military Figure
Light Up Tommy United | 1914 Christmas Truce Special Edition Military Figure
Light Up Tommy United | 1914 Christmas Truce Special Edition Military Figure
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