Archive Searches for the Canadian Legion

Over the past few weeks we have been searching various archives to locate more of the history of the branches that formed the Royal Canadian Legion in Northern California.  For example…

A California Business Search for “Canadian Legion” yields articles of incorporation for 17 different organization in the state that have had those words in their name – two of which are still active.

A search of the images contained at Calisphere for “Canadian Legion” reveals 13 images in 9 different collections.

A search of the Online Archive of California for “Canadian Legion” yields eight results – and the first one we already spoke about yesterday in Bancroft Library Collection – Canadian Legion of the British Empire Service League records : San Francisco, Calif., 1939-1943.

A more general search of the California Digital Archives for “Canadian Legion” generates almost 500 results, while a query of the subscription service for “Canadian Legion” in California sources returns over 18,000 items.

What branch history might you have in your possession?  Or what branch history have you been able to find?

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