RCAF Association Member Harold Verner Soderlund Turning 100

An item from the Royal Canadian Air Force Association that we would encourage you to participate in.

Your fellow RCAF Association member Harold Verner Soderlund will turn 100 on 21 April 2021.

His fellow 432 (Algoma) Wing members in Sault Ste Marie are inviting all of you to send a birthday card and/or birthday wishes in time for Harold’s celebrations.

Harold is a Second World War RCAF veteran and former Prisoner-of-War, having flown with the 603 (City of Edinburgh) Squadron out of Libya. Soderlund survived being shot down by an enemy aircraft, floating for two days in the sea after a hospital ship passed him by, eventually captured by the enemy and transported by plane, rail and truck from one detention area to another, poorly fed and always under the watchful eye of his captors before finally being liberated and returning home to Canada.

Please send correspondence to:

John Hooper, 133 Finn’s Bay Rd. N., Echo Bay, ON, P0S 1C0 or e-mail hooperjc52 “at” gmail.com with your birthday cards/wishes for Harold Soderlund.

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