“Teaching & Learning WWI in 2021” WEBINAR VIDEO is posted

This recording may be of interest to some of our members or with any contacts our members may have in local schools.

Webinar poster: Strategies for teaching and learning about WWI in 2021
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The Webinar
is Posted for Viewing and Sharing:

An insightful hour for  EDUCATORS… and LEARNERS:
Held on Friday, February 26, 2021, 1pm EST

We assembled a group of educators from different parts of the US to explore issues of teaching WWI in the 2021 classroom and community environment, presented from a real-world practical perspective:

  • How teachers are adapting in teaching social studies, during the Pandemic
  • How do differing State standards affect strategies for teaching WWI
  • Practical approaches, best practices, and integration ideas when teaching WWI
  • Educational community engagement through WWI field explorations

We also reviewed some of the EdTech (Education Technology) tools created by the US World War I Centennial Commission and the Doughboy Foundation during and after the Centennial of WWI.

  • A WWI Education Resource Website on a USB drive for download
  • A 100-page electronic WWI Genealogy Research Guide
  • Smartphone Apps that bring the new National WWI Memorial into classrooms

The webinar is now posted and available for viewing and sharing by clicking the button below. This includes links to many resources and downloads, plus a bonus download:
“WWI History in 20-pages”.

View The Webinar

Brought to you by the Doughboy Foundation

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Funding for this webinar was provided by The Doughboy Foundation.

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For questions about the Doughboy Foundation, please contact Halsey Hughes at halsey.hughes@doughboy.org .

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