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Thursday 3.4.2021


We are thrilled to announce that the C100 received more nominations than ever before for the C100 Fellows program (f/k/a 48Hrs in the Valley), with a 73% increase from the prior year! Mark your calendars for this cohort announcement on March 31. In the meantime, we are preparing for the C100 Summit, a members-only event, taking place from March 22 – 25.

Last month, C100’s Co-Chair Andre Charoo (Founder & Managing Partner at Maple VC), interviewed three great Canadian ex-pats living south of the border; Andrew Linsday (HubSpot), Justina Omokhua (Endeavor) and Sean Green (ARTERNAL). Continue reading to hear from these exceptional leaders. in partnership with BDC Capital, a C100 Foundational Partner, has launched their latest report on the state of talent in Q4 2020.

Lastly, we share the news, announcements and events happening throughout the C100 Community and Canadian tech landscape.

Wishing you all the best,
The C100


Andre Charoo, C100’s Co-Chair and Founder & Managing Partner at Maple VC, sat down with three exceptional Black Canadian tech leaders living in the United States to share their personal and professional experiences on both sides of the border and how they are helping raise participation rates for Black talent in tech.

Click below to hear from:

  • Andrew Lindsay, SVP of Corporate and Business Development at HubSpot
  • Justina Omokhua, SVP of Brand Marketing at Endeavor and Former Global Head of Content & Lifestyle Strategy at Apple
  • Sean Green, Founder & CEO at ARTERNAL CRM

We’re also shedding light on a few Canadian-led programs that are working to raise these numbers and create generational impact on Black entrepreneurship and representation in tech.


Throughout 2021, C100 Summits will bring together our members, the preeminent global community of Canadian leaders & entrepreneurs to inspire one another, build long-lasting connections with fellow Canadian leaders and galvanize a community of unofficial Canadian ambassadors to the world.

Participants will hear from both prominent and under-amplified Canadians leading world-changing companies and those motivated to solve generational problems.



The C100 is seeking a contract-based professional writer to author a report summarizing insights coming out of its Summit, held on March 22-25. The specific role is best for an experienced writer of business reports & white papers, and a communications expert.

If interested, please email with at least one sample of prior work and your interest in the Canadian technology sector.


Prospect and BDC Capital (a C100 Foundational Partner), have recently released “The State of Talent: Q4 2020: Data-driven insights to help you understand how the talent landscape is evolving in Canada’s innovation economy”.

The report is an exclusive look at insights on employment trends, remote work and more during COVID-19, and what employment trends we are seeing for 2021. ​


🎉 Mark Carney, former Governor of the Bank of Canada and the Bank of England, has joined Stripe’s board of directors. We can’t wait to see the impact yet another great Canadian in tech will make!

🤝 Toronto-based fintech Borrowell, led by Andrew Graham and Eva Wong (both C100 Members), on completing its latest acquisition of RefreshCanada and raising $25 million!

₿ Canada is home to the world’s first publicly traded #Bitcoin ETF (BTCC) and has now launched a second (EBIT)! RocketFlag of Canada Both are listed on the TSX and BTCC got off to a stellar start, with investors exchanging more than $260-million shares on Day 1.

👨🏿‍💻 The Government of Ontario announces $1.2M in support of Ryerson’s DMZ (a C100 Corporate Member) Black Innovation Programs (BIP) with funds primarily supporting the Black Innovation Launchpad, a free virtual skills development platform supporting aspiring Black founders of all ages. In our latest content, DMZ Executive Director Abdullah Snobar, shares more about the importance and future of BIP.

🤝 Boreal Ventures has launched a new venture capital fund in partnership with Centech, a C100 Corporate Member, aimed at investing in Québec-based startups at the pre-seed and seed stages.

👨🏿‍💻 BPTN and RBC Future Launch partner to create the largest pipeline of Black early-career Black tech talent in Canadian history through a three-year $4.5M commitment from RBC Future Launch. RBC is a proud C100 Foundational Partner.

🎙️ RBC’s latest Disruptors Podcast episode, Tech’s next Frontier: Walking the Talk on DiversityJohn Stackhouse interviews Dax Dasilva, Founder and CEO of Montreal-based Lightspeed POS (and C100 Charter Member), and Michael Carter, Global Head of Technology Investment Banking at RBC Capital Markets, to discuss the push for positive change.

📅 Fasken, a C100 Corporate Member, is hosting a free virtual event on March 29th focused on the future of open banking in Canada with Sen. Colin Deacon, Ben Harrison (Portag3), Peggy Van de Plassche (Roar) and Kate Grant (Fasken).

🎉 Toronto-based fintech Clearbanc, led by Co-Founder & CEO Andrew D’Souza (C100 Charter Member) and Co-Founder & President Michelle Romanow (C100 Member), has announced the public beta of ClearAngel, the world’s first automated angel investor, and intends to lend $100 million through the investment vehicle.

🤝 Smart home gym Tonal, led by Co-Founder & CEO Aly Orady (C100 Charter Member), has announced a partnership with Nordstrom to showcase Tonal products in over 40 retail locations.

🇨🇦 The Business Council of Canada sent a letter to Prime Minister Trudeau and the Premiers, calling on a national push to vaccinate and test Canadians for COVID-19.

🎉 Calgary-based software company Symend (48Hrs Alumnus), led by Co-Founder & CEO Hanif Joshanghani and Co-Founder & CMO Tiffany Kaminsky, has raised US$43-million in their latest round led by Inovia Capital.

📝 Espresso Capital, a C100 Corporate Member, has released their latest thought leadership piece on growth efficiency metrics and the key role they play when lenders are evaluating a SaaS business.

▶️ ICYMI: SVB Canada, a C100 Corporate Member, hosted a virtual event discussing their latest report on its Q1 State of the Markets in Canada report. Watch the full discussion featuring Andre Charoo (C100 Co-Chair and Founder at Maple VC), Graeme Millen (Director of Technology Banking at SVB Canada) and Andrew Pardo, Senior Research Associate at SVB.

🎉, led by Founder & CEO Oleg Rogynskyy (C100 Charter Member), has announced 245% YoY customer growth, serving major brands such as Verizon Connect, Okta, and Zoom.


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C100’s mission is to support, inspire, and connect the most promising Canadian entrepreneurial leaders through mentorship, investment, partnership, & talent. Apply to join as a member today!

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