VADM Rondeau: Leading Side By Side

An item from one of our fellow veterans organizations in the Bay Area.

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VADM Rondeau
VADM Rondeau
VADM Rondeau at NPS


Retired Vice Admiral and Naval Postgraduate School President Ann Rondeau’s leadership skills have been the essential common denominator in her distinguished military and academia career. Less concerned with breaking through glass ceilings than passing her own rigid equity assessments, the leadership lessons she shares with PBS NewsHour Special Correspondent and Marines’ Memorial Club Board Member Mike Cerre are timeless and universal.

Leading from the Front

About Leading from the Front:
Our monthly video podcast series shares timeless leadership lessons learned by a variety of professionals, thought leaders and experts on the front lines of today’s major leadership challenges in all walks of American life.

Conducted virtually from the Marines’ Memorial Club, these timely and insightful conversations are a digital extension of the major lectures and events that normally take place at our 12-story hotel, theater, event spaces and restaurant in downtown San Francisco.

The viewpoints expressed are those of the participants and not necessarily the Marines’ Memorial. 

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