Celebrating Asian Heritage Month; last chance to apply for research funding

A newsletter from another fellow Canadian organization in the Bay Area.

Canadian Studies Announcements
In this issue:
  • Celebrating Asian Heritage Month in the US and Canada
  • Last chance to apply for Canadian Studies research funding!
  • In the News: Faculty affiliate David Card elected to Nat’l Academy of Sciences
  • External event: Applying to Higher Education in Canada
  • External event: “La démocratie féministe. Réinventer le pouvoir”
Please note: Beginning this week, our newsletter is moving to our summer schedule of once every two weeks.
Celebrating Asian Heritage Month
May is Asian Heritage Month in Canada and the US! During this month, we celebrate the many contributions made by members of the Asian-Pacific Islander community to our countries and societies.
Originally established through the advocacy of a number of Asian-American congresspeople in the United States, President Jimmy Carter approved the first official celebration in 1978. The commemoration was adopted unofficially in Canada the 1990s to recognize the Asian-Canadian community. An official declaration designating May as Asian Heritage Month was issued by the Canadian government in 2002.
At a time when both the US and Canada are seeing increased reports of violence and harassment towards people of Asian descent, we believe it’s more important than ever to acknowledge and support these communities. In Canada, the 2021 theme is “Recognition, Resilience, and Resolve“, highlighting the perseverance of Asian communities in the face of discrimination, and calling on all people to fight against anti-Asian racism.
While many live events are still on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic, that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to celebrate from home. The US Library of Congress hosts the official Asian Pacific American Heritage site, featuring virtual exhibits, event links, and more. Meanwhile, CBC Calgary has put together a free resource for all ages to learn about the contributions of Asian Canadians to Canada, and explore the Asian-Canadian experience more broadly.
Last Chance to Apply for Canadian Studies Research Funding!
The Canadian Studies Program is currently accepting research funding requests for both graduate and undergraduate students at UC Berkeley. Applications for AY 2021-22 will close this Friday, May 7, 2021. Learn more and apply by clicking the links below.
The Edward E. Hildebrand Graduate Research Fellowship provides travel and research support for Berkeley graduate students whose work focuses primarily, or comparatively, on Canada. Fellowships range from $5,000 – $10,000.
The Rita Ross Undergraduate Prize in Canadian Studies provides a cash prize of $250 to the Berkeley undergraduate who has produced the best research project engaging with a Canadian topic for a class or independent study program.
Please circulate this information to your students, peers, and networks!
In the News
Faculty Affiliate Economist David Card Elected to the National Academy of Sciences
Labour economist and Canadian Studies affiliate David Card was one of three UC Berkeley faculty recently elected to the National Academy of Sciences in recognition of his contributions to the field of economics. Card, who was born in Canada, has taught at Berkeley for over twenty years, His research focuses on inequality and growth; his best-known work includes studies that challenged prevailing orthodoxies on the negative impacts of a higher minimum wage on employment figures, and of immigration on the wages of native-born workers.
Election to the Academy is considered one of the highest national honours in the scientific field. The Academy was chartered by the US Congress and President Lincoln in 1863, with the aim of promoting development of the sciences and providing the government with advice on scientific topics. New members are inducted annually by a vote of current members, and hold their position for life.
Affiliate/External Events
DML Chesterfield Chat: Applying to Higher Education in Canada
May 11 | 4:30 p.m. | RSVP here
For young Americans considering attending college in Canada, it can be difficult to know where to start. The Digital Moose Lounge invites families to meet three adventurous young adults in an upcoming Chesterfield Chat panel. All of these university students grew up spending some or all of their time in US schools before heading to Canada for university. Please join them for an open discussion and Q&A to find out why they chose a Canadian university, what they’ve enjoyed about their experience studying in Canada, and their tips for applying.
The panel will be hosted by past DML chair and current Canadian Studies Advisory Board Chair David Stewart. Special guest Rana Sarkar, Consul General of Canada in San Francisco, will share opening remarks.
La démocratie féministe. Réinventer le pouvoir
29 mai | 12:00 p.m. | RSVP ici
Dans ce programme virtuel, l’Alliance française de Berkeley accueille Marie-Cécile Naves, Docteure en Science politique pour mener une discussion sur les nouveaux enjeux politiques internationaux, au prisme du féminisme.
Le pouvoir prédateur sur les autres et la planète, incarné par les populismes néofascistes et le néolibéralisme, n’est pas une fatalité. Avec les crises démocratiques, environnementales, sanitaires et sociales que nous traversons, ce sont à la fois les récits, les agendas et les styles politiques qui doivent être questionnés. Le féminisme figure parmi les réponses. Fort d’une histoire plurielle, sur tous les continents, il est de plus en plus inclusif et transversal. Sur les plans théorique, pratique et programmatique, en multipliant les terrains d’expression et de revendication, il propose de renouveler les cadres de pensée pour construire un nouvel universel.
Par l’onde de choc qui est la sienne, dont #MeToo n’est qu’un exemple, le féminisme, avec d’autres approches du réel, jette les bases d’un projet durable et solidaire. Il promeut aussi un nouveau leadership, fondé sur la coopération et la responsabilité collective. Dans des contextes de crise, le féminisme est indispensable au renouveau démocratique, à l’émergence d’une nouvelle forme de pouvoir, de l’action publique à l’entreprise, en passant par l’art ou encore le sport.
Canadian Studies Program
213 Moses Hall #2308
Canadian Studies Program | Univ. of California, Berkeley, 213 Moses Hall #2308, Berkeley, CA 94720

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