Upcoming Events at the Interfaith Center at the Presidio

We wanted to pass along notice of this service from an organization in the Bay Area that we are planning to partner with for the first time this coming Remembrance Day.

Please join us for the following events.

Interfaith Center at the Presidio

Unleashing the Power of

Interreligious Cooperation


Honor and Remember

Monday, May 31, 2021 at 11:00 am


Keynote Speaker: Colonel D. Peter Gleichenhaus,

US Army (Retired)


Presidio Chapel

130 Fisher Loop, San Francisco, CA 94129

Seating will comply with COVID-19 guidelines. The service will also be livestreamed on our website: www.interfaithpresidio.org and on our

Facebook page at www.facebook.com/interfaithpresidio

Please RSVP to: presidiointerfaith@gmail.com




P.O. Box 29055  • San Francisco, CA 94129 • 415-561-3930 (office)

415-515-5681 (cell)  • presidiointerfaith@gmail.com www.interfaithpresidio.org

Find Peace and Inspiration in ICP Sunday Virtual Concerts

Elijah’s Violin, a family opera ~


Meira Warshauer

Based on a Jewish fairy tale, Elijah’s Violin follows young people as they encounter demons, overcome fears and doubts, and discover the liberating power of the heart’s true song. Enjoy with us the delightful performance that took place in the Presidio Chapel in 2019 in this excellent video, replete with captions.

Meira Warshauer’s musical palette is wide, ranging from traditional Jewish prayer modes to minimalist textures with rich melodic contours and from joyful jazz-influenced rhythms to imaginative orchestrations of the natural world.


~ Sunday, June 13, 2021   4:00 PM Pacific Time ~

For the link, please email: presidiointerfaith@gmail.com

prior to the day of the concert

Free admission – To make a donation please visit: https://www.interfaithpresidio.org/support-icp.html

P.O. Box 29055  • San Francisco, CA 94129 • 415-561-3930 (office)

415-515-5681 (cell)  • presidiointerfaith@gmail.com


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