Early days: Canadian troops in Afghanistan 2002-2004

An item from the Legion Magazine.

Legion Magazine
Front Lines Weekly Feature
Early days: Canadian troops in Afghanistan 2002-2004

Early days: Canadian troops in Afghanistan 2002-2004

Story by Stephen J. Thorne

The 3PPCLI Battle Group launches Canada’s first combat assault since the Korean War on a mountain called the Whale’s Back, overlooking a valley near the Pakistan border. The soldier in the foreground is a Canadian sniper in specially designed British combat fatigues. Taliban and al-Qaida fighters attempting to escape into the mountains to the east came under heavy bombardment from American B-52s and F-16s. Scaling elevations up to 2,650 metres, 500 Canadians, along with U.S. Navy Seals and infantry from the U.S. 10th Mountain Division, spent five days clearing caves and gathering intelligence among the rocks and crevice.


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Military Milestones
Prisoners of Hong Kong

Prisoners of Hong Kong

Story by Sharon Adams

George MacDonell, of Stratford, Ont., was following in his parents’ footsteps when he enlisted in the Second World War. He was the only son of an army major and nursing sister who met while serving overseas and married after the First World War.

He joined the doomed Royal Rifles of Canada which fought alongside the Winnipeg Grenadiers when the Japanese invaded Hong Kong in December 1941. Two hundred and ninety Canadians were killed and 493 wounded in three weeks of fierce fighting.


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