Canada bids farewell to its first female general

An item from the Legion Magazine.

Legion Magazine
Front Lines
Canada bids farewell to its first female general

Canada bids farewell to its first female general

Story by Stephen J. Thorne

Family, friends, commanders and colleagues gathered in Ottawa this week to bid a final farewell to Sheila Anne Hellstrom, a Royal Canadian Air Force veteran and the first woman to reach the rank of brigadier-general in the Canadian Armed Forces.

Hellstrom was known for her confidence, compassion and fortitude in a male-dominated profession where women had long been relegated to secondary roles.


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Surrender at Calais

Surrender at Calais

Story by Sharon Adams

After D-Day, the First Canadian Army began the job of clearing the French coast along the English Channel.

It was a hard slog. The beaches were crowded with obstacles and mines. The shore bristled with barbed wire and the whole coastline was studded with concrete bunkers and machine-gun nests. Towns and cities were fortified and equipped with heavy guns. It was known as the Atlantic Wall.


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