700 Wing RCAF Association Aviation Memorial Ceremony

An item from the RCAF Association.

EDMONTON, AB, September 23, 2021:

The 700 (City of Edmonton) Royal Canadian Air Force Association will be conducting an Aviation Memorial Stone Dedication Ceremony to induct 10 new members to the Aviation Memorial.
This outdoor ceremony will take place in front of the Alberta Aviation Museum at the Aviation Memorial on Thursday, September 23rd, 2021, at 6 p.m. As stated, the ceremony will add 10 new members to the Aviation Memorial including three members from the same family, the Reilly family. Jack and Molly Reilly were married and are BOTH members of Canada’s Aviation Hall of Fame. Their son, Patrick Reilly, inevitably joined the aviation world himself and now, at age 59, has over 13,000 flying hours. Other inductees include former military veterans, mechanics, and air traffic controllers.

Background: Aviation Memorial This Memorial is a tribute to Aviation and is dedicated to all Aviation people and organizations that have contributed to aviation, with emphasis but by no means exclusively towards Alberta based aviation. While described as a Memorial, the living and the deceased, and current and past organizations, are included in the monument. The names of inductees are permanently inscribed on inlaid granite stones within it. Each side of the Memorial itself represents one of three key categories of aviation, and all of these have operated at the former Blatchford Field Airport. One category is for Bush Pilots, Pioneers and Experimenters. A second is the Commercial Air Industry. And finally, our Air Forces, or Military aviation. The Aviation Memorial stones themselves are inlaid in an area representing a propeller. On the top of the monument is a cone depicting the nose of the propeller. Three flagpoles are installed opposite each point of the propeller.

For more information on the 700 (City of Edmonton) Wing Royal Canadian Air Force Association, please visit https://www.700wing.com.

For more information about the Royal Canadian Air Force Association, please visit http://rcafassociation.ca.

Media Contact Name: David Jackson Chair, Board of Directors Phone: 780 918-0967 e-mail: rcaf.jackson@gmail.com

Aviation Memorial Contact Name: Sylvia Loewen Aviation Memorial Chair, Phone: 780 996-4836, e-mail maxace@shaw.ca

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