Russia, China flex muscles after Taliban takeover

An item from the folks at the Legion Magazine.

Legion Magazine
Front Lines
Russia, China flex muscles after Taliban takeover

Russia, China flex muscles after Taliban takeover

Story by Stephen J. Thorne

American troops had barely begun their withdrawal from Afghanistan in August when Russia’s military began flexing its muscles near the country’s border, ostensibly in attempts to discourage the spread of terrorism.

Moscow seemed to send mixed messages, with its Kabul-ensconced diplomats describing the purportedly new Taliban as “normal guys” and declaring the Afghan capital a safe place, even as Russian President Vladimir Putin grudgingly called the takeover a reality they had to work with—all while orchestrating joint military exercises with China and other border nations.


O Canada Journal With Pen
Military Milestones
A home for refugees

A home for refugees

Story by Sharon Adams

On Oct. 6, 1986, the people of Canada received the Nansen Refugee Award, the United Nations’ highest distinction for refugee aid.

It was the first—and so far, only—time the award has been given to a country. Canada was recognized for its “major and sustained contribution made to the cause of refugees in their country and throughout the world over the years,” the UN said.



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