Teachers and Learners: Help us win the “People’s Voice” webby Award

An update from the organization formerly known at the World War One Centennial Commission.

Five start 260

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Nominated for Webby Awards

We are proud to let you know that our WWI Memorial “Virtual Explorer” App has been nominated for Webby Awards in two categories.

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You are someone who has downloaded some of our free WWI educational resources.

As a teacher or/and learner you know how important it is to remember the profound lessons and impact WWI had on our nation and our society.

Right now, you can play an import role in spreading the word to many thousands of others simply by taking 5 minutes of your precious time to vote.

Please Vote For Us

Voting Closes Thu. April 21 @ midnight Eastern

Please Vote NOW

A little note about voting for the Webby Awards.

The Webby Awards are a prestigious internationally recognized honor. As such, they have had issues with previous nominees trying to game the system by using offshore paid “voting farms”, internet bots, etc… (after all, the Webby nominees are very internet savvy by definition). 

So when you go to vote, they will ask you to register with your email address plus you need to click on the confirming email they send you – which will invariably be found in your spam folder.

This is potentially a turn-off and a real deterrent for getting votes. We wanted to let you know and acknowledge this in advance, so you don’t get surprised. We understand if this is a show stopper for you. Regardless, thank you for having used our WWI teaching and learning resources and helping to remember “The War that Changed the World”.

The team at the Doughboy Foundation

If you haven’t downloaded the App…

Scan or click the QR code for your phone

virtual explorer apple store qr code
Virtual Explorer Google Play Store QR code

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