A Canadian sniper in Ukraine: Numbers, deaths and homecoming

An item from the Legion Magazine.

Legion Magazine
Canada’s first pararescue women
Scientists claim to have solved mystery of Gulf War illness

Wali/The Torch and The Sword

A Canadian sniper in Ukraine: Numbers, deaths and homecoming


It was early morning and sniper Wali, his Canadian compatriot and two Ukrainian soldiers were in a trench at the far end of a wooded windbreak separating expansive farm fields in eastern Ukraine.

Huddled among leafless trees, they were essentially the point men in the defence of a village on the approaches to the strategic city of Mariupol. Russian troops and tanks were staging a measured advance across the fallow fields on three sides.



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Military Milestones
The Parliament bombing of 1966

National Archive/Wikimedia

Canada’s second major WWI battle


In May 1915, Canadian troops entered their second major battle of the First World War, on the western front near Festubert in the Artois region of France.

On May 9, the British had suffered 11,000 casualties attacking nearby Neuve-Chapelle. A week later, Field Marshal Douglas Haig ordered another attack involving two Canadian brigades, hoping for a breakthrough.



Iris Advantage
Canvet Publication Ltd.

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