A letter from Dan Dayton

An item from the organization formerly known as the World War One Centennial Commission.

Five start 260
One-year anniversary of Daily Taps @ the WWI Memorial showing bugler

Happy Anniversary to Daily Taps at the WWI Memorial!

Dear Friend

Thanks to your support we have been able to render taps every evening at 5PM at the national WWI Memorial in Washington, DC for one full year, rain or shine. We’ve put up some images and links and Memorial Day notes just click below:

Memorial Day 2022

In cooperation with Taps for Veterans this honor has been a symbol of commitment.  Our buglers, always in Doughboy Uniform, have been loyal and steadfast in their duty.  In snow, rain, wind…and interestingly in the face of navigating the U.S. Secret Service who were guarding dignitaries at the Willard Hotel across the street. (We’re now good friends).

So today we salute Taps for Veterans.

We’ll continue to raise funds with the goal to guarantee that taps will be sounded at the WWI Memorial in perpetuity.

Support Daily Taps

We are also delighted to support Taps for Veterans and their partner CBS News in Taps Across America. Taps will be sounded at the WWI Memorial on Memorial Day at 3PM, and of course again at 5.

Learn more: Taps Across America

For those of you who live in DC, and the tri-state area that PBS station WETA serves, I hope you will be able to enjoy a documentary we’ve put together on the making of the new National WWI Memorial in Washington, D.C.. It will air at 8PM on Memorial Day and again on Tuesday 5/31. [See WETA Airing Schedule] It is called: Last Battle: The Fight for America’s World War I Memorial.

View Trailer

So please enjoy you upcoming Memorial Day weekend, and remember who we are saluting.

All the best,

Dans Signature

Dan Dayton

Executive Director, WWI Centennial Commission
Chairman/CEO, Doughboy Foundation

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